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You're an established provider of Independent Medical Examinations for the insurance industry located in downtown Toronto - promote your unique assessment services with an informative white paper about the increase in age-related motor vehicle accidents and insurance claims.

  • Website Design Consultation
  • Selection of a Colour Scheme
  • Logo Design
    (including consultation, mock-up options, edits as necessary and delivery of finished product)
  • Creation of a new website, including mobile optimization
    (hosting charged separately)
  • Website Copywriting
  • SEO Implementation
  • Custom design of social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Please Contact Us to arrange a consultation.

Services Available as a Package or Individually

By creating unique content your customers want to read and by promoting the content via social media, you will attract significantly more traffic to your website and/or business location.
1-3 articles per week will help you achieve the results you’re looking for, especially over the next three to six months as you increase your readership. These articles can also be published via an app, or on paper for in-house reading when your customers visit your business.

We typically offer four different types of articles:

In-Industry Link Bait
We include quotes from at least 3 experts in each of these posts, focusing on those that have large social media followings of their own. This way, we can leverage their networks to drive more traffic to the site (they tend to tweet and FB link to articles they’re quoted in). This also sends good signals to search engine crawlers, which value content that gets shared via social networks.

In Depth Posts
Are targeted to potential clients and are 2,000+ words each, with a heavy SEO focus. These long form blogs are specifically designed to draw in organic search traffic, and can be a great way to passively generate leads on a consistent basis.

List Posts
Drive large amounts of traffic and can be a good way to introduce people to your business.
(ie. “10 Ways to ____” or “Our Top 5 ____”)

Brand Storytelling
Provides observations about subjects your customers may be interested in that highlight your expertise. We occasionally incorporate promotion of complementary companies and events in order to catch their attention and get them to promote the content again, leveraging other networks to increase the size of your own.

Should you choose an article subscription, we rotate through each of the above article types on your subscription schedule.

Daly Media offers a subscription service or a la carte writing to suit your specific needs.

Blog/Article/Newsletter Writing.

Rebranding & Website Design.


Request a Quote.

Daly Media provides creative content for businesses of all description. Whether you're a small town mom n' pop restaurant or a big-city law firm, high quality content for your website, print and social media is integral to a successful marketing strategy.

Here's our standard process:

  1. The first step is to email us (info@dalymedia.ca) with an outline of your needs.

  2. We send over a quote for the site content. 50% is due up front, the remaining 50% is due upon completion of the project.
    Our rates include editing, and the project is not considered completed until you're happy.

  3. We turn in the first draft, then schedule a meeting (Skype, phone, in-person) to discuss any necessary edits.
    Second draft turnaround within 5 days.

  4. Project turnaround within 30 days, including opportunities for feedback.

Website/Landing Page Copy.

You're a startup auto body shop in Hamilton, Ontario - promote your rim repair services with a helpful article about saving money on summer and winter maintenance and tips for those living in areas with significant numbers of potholes.

You're a quaint French bistro on the water in Ontario's Prince Edward County - promote your selection of local wines with an article about the 2015 Ontario Wine Award winner Huff Estates for their 2013 Pinot Noir, while suggesting the reader visit your establishment to try pairing it with a dish of your fine Confit de Canard.